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of personal fashion assistant

How many times have we caught ourselves dreaming about new outfits and looks we just saw in a magazine or on a fashion blogger? Most of the time these dreams don’t come true and we stay on a safer side buying the same style clothes and not trying new trends and colors. At the same time our closets are filled with evening gowns and extravagant attires that will be worn just on special occasion. Or maybe never. And it usually leads to a very typical situation every woman found herself in – closet is full but there is nothing to wear. Nothing seems appropriate and we end up wearing the same “safe” outfit every week. Time for a change, dear ladies. From now on Dressbox will choose your looks for you.


No more wasting of time!

Are you a new mom, business lady or a student? Each of you wants to look stylish and fashionable every day, not only on special occasions. New mothers never have time for themselves and Dressbox can come in handy and organize the baby’s clothes as well. You can make notes under every piece of clothes, define what wash cycle is preferable, what you want to donate, or, maybe, you even want to keep track of your expenses and take memos of how much what cost. Specially now, at the era of online shopping it is easy to forget where you bought this gorgeous pair of shorts from because labels do not necessarily indicate the brand and Dressbox will help you to memorize it.


If you are a student who is always late you will definitely appreciate the perks Dressbox can offer. With it you will have more time to study or not only study, if you know what I mean. Just activate  Dressbox (it also works off line) and choose outfits for the day and night. Easy, breezy!

Business ladies, self-made women are also in need of personal fashion assistant. Meetings, conferences, appointments.. First impression is extremely important! Dressbox will plan your outfits thoroughly so you won’t have to worry what to wear Monday to Friday. And you will always have a plan B if something changes.

Adolescence can be pretty harsh on young girls. They want to be different and unique while parents want them to look appropriate and immaculate. Some teens peers their body parts, some color their hair pink, some experiment with style. Dressbox can help to combine even the craziest outfits and with time these rebellious girls will become classy ladies with great taste.


Men love Dressbox too!

What about men? They can use Dressbox as well! Times, when men had just a few shirts and two pairs of pants, have long passed. Modern man’s fashion is as elegant as woman’s. However, some men still need women’ help in order to help them to mix and match their wardrobes. Don’t we all want our other halves to look tasteful?

Now, your boyfriend, dad or husband can send you photos of what they want to wear and you will send the complete look back. Or plan their outfits for a week. They will definitely appreciate that.

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