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Modern life style, unfortunately, can become a routine. Building a successful career requires a lot of time and dedication but also doesn’t leave time to properly take care of yourself.

Dear women, stop for a second, and let the Dressbox become your personal stylist.

Stay tuned with Dressbox

Every single girl on a planet had those days when she, while rushing to work, wore something that didn’t make her feel comfortable later in the day.  And we all know that when you feel insecure entire day is spoiled. With our app you can easily avoid this problem sinceyou can create and save your most successful looks in just a few clicks. If you are insanely busy you can plan your outfits for days ahead.  Weather can be unpredictable and circumstances change but you will always be prepared for any situation.


And it will save you tons of time

Last minute packing? That’s always a bad idea. What can be worse than forgetting your favorite tunica or evening dress you like so much? We want to look at our best at all times but vacation is a special time of the year when every day should be worth a thousand. And every look, every outfit you picked so carefully should not be forgotten at home. Dressbox will help.

Take some time and go through the e-shelf of your virtual closet. Create a folder for your upcoming trip that you can edit later on, and all you will have to do is just to pack and enjoy your vacay!

Also, one of the greatest features of Dressbox is to serve as a reminder. When you decide to go shopping turn on the Dressbox and make sure you are fully aware of what you are looking for and what your closet is missing. Or, if you prefer online shopping, just save photos of the items you like, create a separate folder and combine them with what you already have. It will help you to clearly see what you wardrobe needs. Maybe it’s a new white silk blouse that will look stunning with your skirts and jeans or just a pair of shoes, who knows.  Sometimes it takes only one piece of clothing to diversify your wardrobe, not multiple purchases that will leave you broke.

save time with e-wardrobe

Dressbox – Number 1 choice for busy people

Nowadays technologies in general and phone apps in particular became an integral part of our life. They wake us up in the morning, remind us of an appointment and create to-do lists. E-wardrobes are not a novelty anymore. Time is money and Dressbox will gladly help you save it. It will help to always look appropriate in any scenario.

Don’t lose your time! Download the Dressbox, fill its e-shelves with your clothes and enjoy. Assign every picture you have already taken with a personal hashtag, sort it according to your own lists and folders, make comments under every item and you are ready to rock!!

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