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dressbox for busy girls

So, who is she, the 21 century girl? A Housewife? Alas, the world has changed and modern women nowadays build careers, not forgetting about raising their children and running house chores. Such crazy lifestyle demands being full of energy and have a positive outlook on life. The good news is that now women have a right hand in creating looks and organizing their closet.

It was created specially for busy women in order to save their valuable time and look well put together at all times.

Women’s main problems

You spent entire day in your office attending numerous meetings and you are having a date later in a day? But, sadly, no time and desire to spend more time staring at your closet and getting frustrated about what to wear. Ok girl, relax, take a breath and turn on the Dressbox. It stores all your clothes, shoes and accessories so you can simply browse through it and make your choice. The app’s interface is so easy to navigate, even a child can do it! Just name every item with its own #hashtag and go from it. There is no need to get stressed anymore.

Busy professionals need personal assistance like no one else. Not only they have to be fully prepared for meetings and conferences, they also have to look perfect. That’s a demand of the modern world. Dressbox will help to create looks for any type of scenario so nothing will catch you off guard. Business lunch, an important interview, a simple walk with a friend – you will always be few steps ahead.

virtual wardrobe

Planning a trip?

Rushing doesn’t help. What helps is our app. You will just have to think what you want to take with you, what occasions and events you are planning to attend, and Dressbox will do the rest. You can create multiple hashtags and folders so even if your trip is spontaneous you can always go through them and pick what you like. No more anecdotical situations when your closet is full but you don’t know what to wear.

And you can certainly use Dressbox while shopping! It’s hard to remember everything you own and how many of black jeans you already have. How often do we make this mistake and buy similar item over and over again? How often do we hear from our girlfriends “you already have the same blouse…”? And we are sure you were in a situation when you found a piece of clothing you totally forgot about.

Dressbox helps you to remember what you already own and avoid buying identical item.

Let’s be creative and widen our style!

shopping app

E-wardrobe is becoming a necessity

E-wardrobe or mobile closet is a must have for a modern woman. You can create a look, sort your clothes and pack a suitcase in a matter of minutes. No more Hamlet like questions ” to wear or not to wear”, “to buy or not to buy”. Our app is a necessity for all women, business moguls, housewives or students. You will appreciate its perks and definitely advice your mom and girlfriends to download it as well. Not only it organizes your closet, it also helps you to create your own unique style, and look at your best in any situation.

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Dressbox app is also avaliable for Android from now.

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