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How to pack your suitcase fast and efficiently

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If you are familiar with the feeling that your blouse of this season’s super trendy marsala colour doesn’t have a matching pair even though your closet is packed, it means you are a true woman. Indeed, the wardrobe of a modern girl is a place where you can find anything yet you won’t find what you are looking for. The hardest part is to pack the suitcase, because we, women, always think that is better to be safe than sorry and bring you entire closet with us. We want to be ready for any occasion and have a multiple choice, even if we end up wearing only a few favourite dresses.

“What if” seems to be our motto

Surely, you can write endless lists and stare at your closet for hours and think of various combinations in your head, but it’s pointless. Lists go to trash bins and all thoughts are forgotten.  It is way  better to spend this time over coffee with a friend of yours discussing all the details of an upcoming trip.

You think it’s unreal because your suitcase won’t pack itself?

We can assure you that it is real and our app is the biggest helper in planning and organizing your trip outfits.

It’s fast, convenient and entertaining.

Dressbox – an easy way to be vacation ready.12495003_639189562887422_7798749087362768136_n

Dressbox is the most practical and handy application that helps to systemize your wardrobe, create interesting looks and never be worried what to wear.

How to use it? First of all, you will have to download the app. Then, to take a photo of every single item in your closet including shoes and accessories. Do not forget anything, it may be an essential part of your outfit, the missing detail.  Accessories  complete the look and keeping a good track of them will help you to avoid repeated or spontaneous purchases.

After all the pictures have been taken, you should hashtag them accordingly or in any way you desire. For you best convenience you can create your own lists, such as “Office style”, “Romantic dinner”, “Mountains get away”, etc. They will greatly simplify your life and save your time. After you decide what you will be wearing the next day you can sleep a little longer or spend this time in a more productive way.

Creating a list of vacation outfits with the Dressbox app is a piece of cake!



You can spend hours and days planning your long awaited vacation from A to Z,  but when the process of packing your suitcase comes closer you feel lost and keep postponing it. You read multiple articles of how to pack smartly and diversify your outfits just by adding some accessories, but in practise, it is easy to  get frustrated and  pack half of your wardrobe just  to be on a safer side.

Vacations can be different, there are romantic getaways, hiking, beach, you name it. They can be short or long, include various activities or even seasons and time zones. And, obviously, outfits should be different as well. But no matter where you are going you can always look well put together.

Having Dressbox as your virtual stylist you will help you to not only pack in minutes but also impress everyone around with your perfect taste a thought-out style.

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