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Every single girl would agree that we all have a habit of collecting cute stuff that is hard to get rid of. It could be anything – souvenirs, countless pens and notebooks, rare dolls or simple magnets. Unfortunately, with time it’s becoming junk and takes the space in the room. That’s the time when we start thinking of throwing half of it in a trash but it feels like cutting a piece of our hearts and we keep postponing it.

But say no more to compromise! Dressbox will help to keep all the things you love under one “roof”.

Dressbox – your hobby is always with you.

Are you little surprised to hear about mobile collections? There is nothing to be surprised about. It is fast, convenient and super easy to use. That’s what Dressbox is all about. It will organize all your collections, sort it the way you like so you won’t waste time looking for “this particular model”. All you need is love. And, of course, Dressbox installed on your phone. You can create numerous folders and albums with the detailed description of each item you own and hashtag them accordingly. And next time when you decide to show off a little and demonstrate the new addition to your collection, you won’t have to scroll your phone down in order to find a picture you took few days ago, Dressbox will do that for you.


How to systemize your collection.

To organize your collection in your phone you will need to do the following:

– first, take photos of your pieces. You can also use app’s camera and edit pictures afterwards.

– second, sort them within groups, albums and folders.


After you can add items to your collections, edit them, insert comments, etc. Dressbox serves as a notebook as well, since you can write notes under every photo so now you will always remember where, when and how you got the another precious piece to your collection.

It is also extremely easy to find a piece you are looking for. Just write its name is a search box and within a second you will get the results. The collection you are so proud of will always be with you, in your phone.

Set of beige female bags on a white background.12 pieces.

Set of beige female bags on a white background.12 pieces.

Collection in a pocket it’s a necessity.

21 century, where we can’t live without even one gadget or app a day, gave us the beauty of mobile organizers. Dressbox is one of them and it’s extremely practical for inveterate collectors and for the ones who hunt for rare and expensive items, such as ancient coins, art, and even cars! Not necessarily you will have to own them but there is always place for a Wish Folder; who knows, maybe one day your dream will come true and this rare model will be yours.

Therefore Dressbox developers created this amazing app! It serves so many purposes, you will definitely appreciate its advantages.

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