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Modern lifestyle, fast-paces reality and tons of possibilities influence our lives drastically, pushing us to be more proactive and organized. In order to be efficient and always look in style, posh and appropriate you need to meticulously analyze your wardrobe, know what you are going to wear and have a variety of “looks”. It not only takes some financial investments, it also takes something that is way more valuable – the time. Therefore, the developers of Dressbox have decided that it is time to make entire process of never-ending “What to wear?” easier and more technological.  Simply saying, now you have an ability to transfer you wardrobe into your phone. Isn’t it great to finally have an access to all your clothes while you are away?

Now you will know what to wear in a matter of minutes!

Change the view of your interaction with your own wardrobe.

From now on every iOS user will be able to bring their closet to a whole new level and maximize its use.

 And guess what? It’s free! All you need to do is to download Dressbox and upload the photos of your clothes. The hardest part is done. And after you can customize it the way you like:

  •  Sort your clothes between endless e-wardrobes.
  •  Manage clothes, shoes and accessories with hashtags
  •  Create looks with different frames and features.
  •  Name your looks.
  •  Plan your trip outfits.



Adjust  Dressbox to your needs.

Pay a closer attention to hashtag option. That’s a really great feature that makes Dressbox stand out. Thank to hashtags users are able to manage their wardrobes the exact way they prefer. No categories, no rules! You are the boss.

Encourage your creativity.

Dressbox gives a great opportunity for looks creation, making it a so-called personal e-stylist for every user. The app has a great amount of frames, collages and an ability to combine up to 7 items from any album of your choice. Also, you can assign every look with a hashtag and easily edit them. After, if you are willing to, you can take a photo of yourself and see how you look.


Plan your trip’s lists consciously.

What is the difference between Dressbox and other organizational apps? Dressbox was created especially for the sake of .wardrobe needs. With it you can make a list for your upcoming trip, meanwhile checking your looks for every occasion. You can take a picture of your everyday or favorite looks and it will be as easy as pie to plan what you will need to take with you, either it is a work related trip or a long awaited vacation.

Long story short, Dressbox  is a self-service, created by stylish and practical individuals for the same-minded people. Its main purpose is to save busy people’s time, making their wardrobes mobile. Dressbox is an application aiming to become a true friend for professional shoppers as well as for people, who care how they look.

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